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Although I was trained in Applied Art discipline, I always had a strong wish to become a painter. But during my early days of carrier I was doing lot of graphic design work. Here are some samples of the work. There are Logos, Symbols and Mascots. I think graphic design helped me to understand the beauty of form, its simplicity and directness helps to explore the real extract of the form to understand power of form. I strongly feel that all this experience was nourishing painter within me silently. So I am thankful to my early years of graphic design.
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Along with Graphic Design, I was doing Illustrations for Comics and other Publishers. Here I could draw and inkout Portraits, Actions under the guidance of eminent Indian Comic Book Illustrator Mr. Pratap Mulick. I really got valuable experience during these years. And for other Publishers I was doing Black & White Illustrations as well as Colour Book Covers. This work gave me chance to do lot of experimentation with mediums and techniques. Few samples are here on display.
I came into contact with some of my Interior designer friends and I started selling my small works as well as Painting big size Murals on wall for their contacts. Now there was a brush and a big pot of Colour in my hand. The main advantage of this work was that I got experience of paint handling and working on large size. My artist friend Gopal Nandurkar was creative partner for all these projects. Our perfect tuning helps to define the working course with high artistic merits as well as meeting the deadlines. Sometimes we create the painting on canvas in the studio and paste on the wall or some times we paint directly on the wall. This is altogether different experience which is helpful for my artistic development.


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