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    My views
    When an artist's eye meets the visual world in order to paint, he uses a process of selection, simplification and synthesis to crystallize his emotional response to the world. Then, with the basic components of line, color, form and texture, he transforms the subject into his own visual world and creates a painting. The balance between an intense emotional response to the subject and a responsibility to communicate it are absolutely important areas in the process of painting.

In these areas, the artist takes several creative decisions which reflect his aesthetic understanding, his taste and his control over the medium. All these define his approach towards painting.

For me, painting is first and foremost a visual invitation; thereafter it should reveal the artist’s view and emotional response to the world.

I try to share with the viewer the beauty I discover in the world around me with the viewer, through my paintings with an aim to create a harmonious visual statement, no matter what the subject, medium or the size of the work is. And there are endless ways to create it; I am searching my own way.

In this search, sometimes I use geometrical patterns to convert my subjects into pictorial reality; sometimes I use colours imaginatively or exploit patterns of light and shade. It is a never-ending challenge and a continuous process which helps refine my visual language.

    About Me
    • Born in 1971 at Kolhapur in Maharashtra (India).
• In 1991, completed BFA (Applied Arts) from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai.       Since then working as a painter, illustrator and designer.
• Co-authored and illustrated a fine art instruction book “Color Pencil” under the   
   "Introduction to Colour Media"
• After the grand success of the first book, recently published a sequel, "Pastel", in the
   same series.
• At present, working on the third book in the series.
• Worked as editor for some Fine Art books.
• Designed and illustrated books for some well-known publishers.
• Designed three Postal Courses on Drawing and Painting, Landscape and Portraits.
• Conducted workshops and demonstrations for "Kalakalp-Art-by-Post-Institute " 
   as well as other private institutions.
• Member of Representational Artist of Pune.
• All though many of the works are in Acrylics and Water Colour, I also work
   in other mediums like Oil, Charcoal, Pastel and Colour Pencil, Pen & Ink with
   equal command.

    • Successful participation in group shows like Contemporary Trends and India Art      
show and Chitraangan in Sydney, Australia.
• Participation in Art Fusion 2007 organised by Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India.
• Participated in the inaugural show of Representational Artist of Pune at
   Sangraha Art Plaza, Pune, India.

    Works in Collection:
    • IBM, Pune, India
• Great Eastern Shipping Corporation, Mumbai, India
• Maritime Heritage Foundation, Mumbai, India
• Hotel Rajvilas, Pune, India
• Spicer Memorial Church, Pune, India
• Raviraj Group, Pune, India
• Kunal Group, Pune, India
• Siddhivinayak Group, Pune, India
• Many works in private collections including those of noted playback singer
   Suresh Wadkar, India,
   Mr. Anil Vanarse, Vanaum Industries, India,

   Mr. Sharad Ranade, Australia,

    My Guru, Shri Ravi Paranjape
    After graduating from the JJ School in Mumbai, I started working as an illustrator and designer. I began with advertising, shifted to comic book illustrations and then to landscapes and murals. But it took more than a decade to reach this stage. During all these years I harbored a strong, yet unfulfilled, desire to paint. I was practising drawing and outdoor regularly, but without satisfactory results. But at the very least, I was inching towards my goal.

At this point in my career, I was fortunate enough to come into close contact with Shri Ravi Paranjape, one of the finest Indian painters. This was a turning point in my life.

He first stressed the importance of drawing to me and explained the qualities of good drawing. He showed me his own drawings and those of the great masters, as well as many great American illustrators such as J. C. Leyndecker, Norman Rockwell, Dean Cornwell. He opened my eyes to the intricacies of painting, its creative and technical aspects, giving detailed instructions on composition, the act of picture making, use of colour, harmony, paint handling, and consistency of treatment.

Shri Paranjape himself has a very distinguished painting style with a unique colour sense and great versatility in creating pictorial reality with command over every painting medium.

I know that I still have to learn many things and have a very long way to go. But thanks to Shri Paranjape's guidance, I am on the right path with absolute clarity in conception about painting.

Shri Paranjape's work can be seen on www.raviparanjape.com

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